Industry sensors

Sensors from Micro-Epsilon for industrial measurement tasks

Micro-Epsilon offers a powerful portfolio for the precise measurement of acceleration, inclination, position, color and temperature. The sensors are designed for industrial series applications and impress with their high performance, compact size and integration capability.

Micro-Epsilon offers various sensor technologies for monitoring and controlling drive systems and machines.


The optoCONTROL CLS1000 optoelectronic fiber optic sensor is suitable for use in automation thanks to its variable switching outputs. The CLS1000 is used for reliable position monitoring as well as for position and presence detection. The fiber optic sensor comprises a CFS sensor and a CLS1000 controller. The wide detection and operating ranges of up to 2000 mm make the fiber optic sensor ideal for the detection of components even at great distances. Due to the small design of the CFS sensors, the CLS1000 optoelectronic fiber optic sensor series is particularly suitable for use in confined installation spaces.

接口和訊號處理裝置擴展了 Micro-Epsilon 感測器的應用領域。接口模組用於將感測器訊號轉換為數位或可相容傳輸的接口。這樣就可以為眾多感測器提供 USB、RS422、Ethernet/IP、Profinet 和 EtherCAT 等接口。訊號處理單元還可用於記錄多個感測器信號,並對其進行計算和輸出。例如,在進行平面度測量或厚度測量時就需要這樣做。